Thursday, 3 February 2011

Manchester School of Art Digital Portfolio

Here is a range of work I have produced since starting my foundation course. The first three pieces of work is from a recent Lisbon trip with Brookes in which I was inspired by the cobbles but also the fish scales from the port. I've started using collage in the ideas sheet to generate ideas for textile design for garments, but also the garments structure.

The lace skirt and shirt are the first ever garments I have produced, and although it took me a while and a couple of “YouTube” tutorials to work out how to do darts I really enjoyed making them and am very pleased with the outcome.

The “Origami” project was one of my first on the course. We had to produce a garment using only six cuts, which I managed. It had to be made out of an “alternative” fabric, in my case: garden sheeting! I really enjoyed this project as I got to see how you could make beautiful garments from very few (but clever!) cuts, by folding, tucking, draping and how traditional Japanese clothing is cut very carefully as to create as little wastage as possible.

The “Robot” project was very early on as well, and was a real wakeup call as to how fast we had to work on this course, whilst maintaining a high standard.

The “Street Style” project was a Christmas project in which we had to photograph “stylish” people and then produce well thought out concise drawings from.

I have also shown some drawing pieces, in the form of garment drawings but also life drawing, which I have attended on a weekly basis since my first year at sixth form.

I am also very interested in textile design especially in printmaking, whish I know Manchester School of Art has the facilities for (part of the reason for applying).

I think Manchester is an exciting inspiring city right in the middle of the UK, where there is a lot going on in the art world.

I think the links with the industry on the course is really important, as this is where we will really start learning what it is like to work in fashion. I am also very interested in other cultures and the history of fashion, which I know is covered on the course. Overall I chose this course because I like the structure, content but also the facilities. I also know that I could very easily spend the next three years of my life in Manchester, which I think is important, because with fashion you should feel inspired by your surroundings.

Mood Boards inspired by a trip to Lisbon.

Ideas Sheet in progress inspired by Lisbon.

Garments made from vintage pattern customised.

Sketchbook page for "Origami Project".

Final Outcome for "Origami Project".

Idea Sheet for "Robot Project".

Designs for "Robot Project".

Photos for "Street Style" project.

Illustrations for "Street Style" project.

Life Drawing in pencil.

Pen Drawings of inside and outside of a garment.

Experimental Textile Pieces.

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